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The home world presents a unique 'all at your finger tips service' in a comfortable home with tastefully designed en-suite bedrooms, a modern fitted kitchen complete with brand new gadgets, and a spacious living room boasting a giant television and a surround-system home theatre for your relaxation.

You want a drink ? Just reach over to the fridge or call our standby chef while you take advantage of our 24 hour Wi-Fi internet service to browse away and connect to space. Toss your clothes in a washing machine and take a stroll for fresh air. After all, security is provided
The outside world of Villa Royale is surrounded by 19 commercial and international banks with ATMs, nightclubs and popular Chinese restaurants and bars. With the capital's only international airport 20 minutes drive away, and beautiful beaches and resorts only within 10 minutes, you are guaranteed a memorable stay any day at Villa Royale.